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Data Structure (4) - Priority Queue

A priority queue is an Abstract Data Type(ADT) that operates similar to normal queue except that each element has certain priority.

# data structure
# computer science
# queue
Date: 2022/10/05
Data Structure (3) - Stack

A stack is a one-ended linear data structure which model a real world stack by having two primarily operations, namely push and pop.

Date: 2022/09/28
Data Structure (2) - Singly and Doubly Linked List

A linked list is a sequential list of nodes that hold data which point to other nodes also containing data.

Date: 2022/09/21
CS50 課程雜記


Date: 2022/09/20
Data Structure (1) - Dynamic and Static Array

A static array is a fixed length container containing n elements indexable from the range [0, n-1].

Date: 2022/09/14
Data Structure (0) - Abstract Data Type and Big O

A data structure is a way of organizing data so it can be used effectively.

Date: 2022/09/07